Result of DNB Practical Exam, December 2017 session held in March/April/May/June 2018 has been declared in the specialty of ENT, Anaesthesiology , OBGY , Respiratory Diseases, Family Medicine ,General Surgery , Microbiology, Neonatology, Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Haematology, Psychiatry (KGMU-Lucknow, IPGMER-Kolkata, LHMC-Delhi & AMC-Visakhapatnam), Surgical Oncology, Pathology (Apollo Hospital-Hyderabad, AFMC-Pune, St. Stephen’s Hospital-Delhi, K S Hegde Medical Academy-Mangalore, MGIMS-Wardha, BJMC-Pune, BMC&RI-Bengaluru, PGIMS-Rohtak, Mysore Medical College-Mysore, Army Hospital(R&R)-Delhi, Andhra Medical College-Vishakhapatnam, CMC-Vellore, IPGMER-Kolkata, Guntur Medical College-Guntur, PGIMER-Chandigarh, Command Hospital(EC)-Kolkata, KGMU- Lucknow, BJMC-Ahmedabad and Base Hospital-Delhi), Radiotherapy, Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, Neuro Surgery, SPM, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Biochemistry, Medical Genetics, Surgical Gastroenterology, Radiodiagnosis, Cardiology, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Ophthalmology (Aravind Eye Hospital-Coimbatore, RIO-Thiruvananthapuram, GNEC-New Delhi, St. Stephen’s Hospital-New Delhi, Pushpagiri Eye Institute-Secunderabad, PIMS - Puducherry, L V Prasad Eye Institute - Bhubaneswar, Base Hospital - Delhi Cantt , Rajan Eye Care Hospital - Chennai, Mysore Medical College & Research Institute – Mysuru, BHU – Varanasi, AFMC - Pune, Sri Sankaradeva Nethralaya- Guwahati, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital - New Delhi, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre - Pune and UCMS & GTB Hospital - Delhi), Plastic Surgery, GUS, Medical Oncology, General Medicine (GMC-Kozhikode, Bangalore Baptist Hospital-Bengaluru, Osmania Medical College- Hyderabad, Command Hospital AF-Bengaluru, Max Super Specialty Hospital- Ghaziabad, Govt. General Hospital-Thiruvananthapuram, St Martha’s Hospital-Bengaluru, Northern Railway Hospital - New Delhi, National Medical College - Kolkata, Yashoda Hospital- Hyderabad, BJMC-Pune, St. Stephen's Hospital - Delhi, AFMC - Pune and RML Combined Hospital – Lucknow, Base Hospital - Delhi Cantt, Hindu Rao Hospital - Delhi, Andhra Medical College - Visakhapatnam & PGIMS – Rohtak centre), Orthopaedics (GMC-Secunderabad, K B Bhabha Hospital-Mumbai, AMC-Visakhapatnam, Tejasvini Hospital, MIOT Hospital - Chennai, Base Hospital - Delhi, Osmania Hospital-Hyderabad, Arihant Hospital-Indore, KGMU-Lucknow, BJMC -Pune, MGIMS-Wardha, Gandhi Medical College-Bhopal, UCMS-Delhi, LHMC- Delhi, IPGMER-Kolkata and Sant Parmanand Hospital Inst. of Trauma & Orthopaedics -Delhi, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital - New Delhi, St. Stephen's Hospital - New Delhi, Sri Venkateshwar Institute of Medical Sciences - Tirupati, Dr RML Hospital - New Delhi and VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital - New Delhi), Cardiothoracic Surgery, PVS, Paediatric Surgery, PMR, Field Epidemiology, Rural Surgery, Forensic Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, HAH, Pharmacology, Rheumatology, and Immunohaematology & Blood Transfusion

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National Board of Examinations

Students Support Services (SSS)

The following types of Students Support Services are available :-

I. Student Support Services at the accredited hospitals

i. DNB-Coordinator cum Academic In charge /Director :- Each National Board of Examinations accredited hospitals has one senior consultant designated as a DNB-Coordinator cum Academic In charge /Director. He /She is the intermediary between the hospital, DNB trainee and National Board of Examinations . His/her primary responsibility is to communicate and co-ordinate with National Board of Examinations in all respects pertaining to accreditation, training of DNB candidates, six monthly appraisals and examination. The name, phone numbers etc. of these Coordinators are available on the National Board of Examinations website(http://www.natboard.nic.in/). All the latest circulars related to DNB programmes are sent by National Board of Examinations to DNB coordinators. The DNB Coordinator is supported by Academic In charge/Director for proper implementation of training programmes. He/she is expected to draw details of posting schedules, seminars, guest lectures and coordinate with various units or departments for DNB training programmes as per the National Board of Examinations curriculum. He/she also ensures that the local library has standard text books, reference books, at least one Indian and International Journal in the all the specialities in which DNB programmes are being carried out. He also insures internet facility in the library for DNB candidates.

ii. Thesis & Protocol Review Committee:- Each accredited hospitals has Thesis Protocol Review Committee comprising of consultants from various specialities to ensure that the thesis protocol of the DNB candidates are properly reviewed, and duly certified before they are sent to National Board of Examinations. The committee also periodically review thesis progress of the DNB candidates and makes suggestions for completion of the research studies. The committee is supported by a clinical ethical committee for research involving patients in clinical specialities.

iii. Independent Local Appraiser:- Since January 2006 independent local appraiser from the same city selected by National Board of Examinations conducts independent review every six months for the followings activities :-

3.1 Review of Thesis Protocol/Progress:- He/she participates in thesis protocol/progress presentation & discussion; assist the DNB candidates in their thesis work by giving them suggestions and monitoring their progress. He/she gives specific remarks to improve the Thesis work after reviewing the objectives, methodology (sample size, sampling technique, data collection tools etc.), data analysis plan and statistical tests, results and discussion plan etc. of thesis of each candidate. These remarks are communicated in writing to the supervisor and the concerned candidate by the appraiser and a copy is sent to National Board of Examinations.

3.2 Review of Log Books maintained by DNB candidates:- He/she is expected to examine the log book maintained by the candidates and give specific remarks to improve the log book maintenance after reviewing the contents of the log book ( name of procedure, details of the case, salient findings, remarks of the supervisor for the improvement of the candidate etc). These remarks are communicated in writing to the supervisor and the concerned candidate by the appraiser and a copy be sent to National Board of Examinations.

3.3 Conduction of Theory Assessment: - He/She prepares question paper containing ten short structured questions in the speciality on the topics covered during the preceding six months and evaluate the answer sheets. He/she also maintains total confidentiality in these activities. The arrangements for six monthly theory and practical examination are made by local accredited hospitals/institutions.

3.4 Conduction of Practical Assessment:- He/she formally conducts practical examination (On the topics/areas covered in preceding six months). The practical has long case, short cases; ward round, spots and viva voce as per the DNB format. He/she communicates the result of assessment to the concerned candidates along with detailed feed back on their performance. He/she also gives detailed suggestions to each candidate in writing for improving his/her performance. He/she acts as counselor and gives specific remarks for improving the overall performance level of the candidate. These remarks are communicated in writing to the supervisor and the concerned candidate by the appraiser and a copy is sent to National Board of Examinations. He/she prepares the Examination worksheet for each candidate and submits the same to the concerned hospital for records with a copy of the same to the National Board of Examinations.

3.5 Verification of Training Infrastructure, Man Power, Library and Other Facilities:- He/she sends six monthly report on the infrastructure, patient load and manpower in the concerned speciality of the accredited hospital, to Executive Director, National Board of Examinations, Ring Road, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029. The reports are reviewed by the National Board of Examinations and deficiencies are communicated in writing to the Head of the hospitals for compliance.

iv. Feedback from DNB Candidates:- Independent and Confidential feedback from DNB candidates is obtained by the Board on training activities conducted by the hospitals in terms of lectures, case presentations, seminars, journals clubs, thesis progress discussions, library facilities, internet facilities, clinical procedures conducted by DNB candidates under supervision/independently, difficulties / deficiencies / suggestions for improving training etc. The format of the feedback is available on the National Board of Examinations website(http://www.natboard.nic.in/).

II. Student Support Services at the National Board of Examinations:- 

i. Student Support Services available at National Board of Examinations website(http://www.natboard.nic.in):-/

a. General Information:- Circulars/letters related to payment of stipend to the DNB Candidates, Annual Fee Structure under various heads to be paid by DNB Candidates, Thesis Status, Dates of Interactive CME Programmes using IGNOU Satellite Infrastructure, Dates of CME Programmes on regional basis, Examination Dates, Theory and Practical Results etc. are displayed on the National Board of Examinations website.

b. Information related to Accredited Hospitals:- The availability of DNB Seats in various institutions, Names and Phone Numbers of DNB Coordinators, details of minimum criteria for patients, support services, operative procedures, infrastructure, number of consultants, library facilities, support staff, details of guidelines for six monthly appraisals etc. are displayed on the website for the benefit of DNB Candidates.

c. Learning Material for DNB Candidates:- The Board website has key points for practical case presentations and technical material for major specialities, curriculum details, exercises and handouts on research matters, sample questions for theory, National Board of Examinations Journal of Post-Graduate Medical Educations, Training and Research(which contains theme based review articles prepared by experts)

d. Information details related to National Board of Examinations as required under Right for Information Act:- The website contains all the information related various administrative units, committees, officers and staff members etc. as required under the Act for the benefit of general public as well as DNB Students.

e. Online Facilities for Handling Queries from DNB Candidates:- The email-id nbefellow@yahoo.com given on the website where the DNB Candidates can send their queries by email and these queries are replied through email / telephone/mail.

III. Student Support Services available at National Board of Examinations, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi Office:-

Telephone Queries are handled by the staff at the reception by directing the calls received to the concerned officers/staff members.(Phone Number– 011-26589517)

FAX Queries are received on FAX Number 011-26589781.

The DNB Candidates/Visitors visiting the office fill up the query form and submit to the staff at the reception. These queries are either answered immediately or in case detailed record review is required these are answered on the phone number given on the query format by the candidates/visitors.

The Notice Board at the reception displays the latest circulars / dates related to DNB Examination.

Counseling Services:- The candidates have the access to counseling services if requested. The requests are to be sent to the executive Director National Board of Examinations, ring Road, Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029

Special Placement of DNB Candidates in hospitals as observers for participating in academic activities are also available to candidates on request.



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